Danyang Electromechanical Equipment Co.Ltd founded in 2006, is the only high-tech enterprise (except Europe), to master CNC precision candy & chocolate moulding technology¡¯s research & development, equipment production and technical expansion capability. It has the best idea breakthrough and technical innovation in candy & chocolate machines industry.
        Through years of research and improvement, we developed new CNC precision moulding technology which is closer to European technology. We own IPR and wide applications of this technology. There are more than 50 users around the world, such as Golden Monkey Group, Sister Ma Food Co., Deyi Food Co., Yinong International Foodstuff Co. from China, Live Confectionery Co. from UK, QFIM Group from Singapore, ANL Food Co. from Turkey and The Confectioners, Surya Food Co., New Prima Foods Co., Kayempee Foods Pvt Co. from India. Some multinational companies (such as Kraft Foods, General Mills and Meiji etc.) show great interest in our machines as well.
        Besides application in CNC chocolate technology, we are applying numerical moulding technology in a wide range of materials and food industry such as icing sugar, soft candy, jam etc. to push forward candy, chocolate and baking industry. Through innovation and application, there will be more and more new products to hit the market. We are becoming the leader and innovator of this technology, to provide more production technology for customers, which will bring new vitality to chocolate industry.