Bake-free soft sweets production line
     ---unprecedented technology
    We have already realized continuous automatic production of soft sweets (jelly), it don¡¯t need starch and baking room, and make soft sweets with more than 30% filling rate.
    Advanced sugar cooking technology, CNC precise depositing technology and new demoulding technology,which are made come true.Soft sweets production is as convenient as hard candy, it won¡¯t be disturbed by baking room shortage, dust and powder plate.
    We adopt German advanced sugar cooking technology, after cooking, the water in syrup is up to 16%.
    We absorb Swiss one-shot technology to make soft sweets one shot with high concentration.
    We demould soft sweets by a new way,and don¡¯t need starch.
    We adopt modular idea to design production line,and an open production system can help users realize function combination and capacity expansion.The production line has a flexible function change, such as decoration of soft sweets.
    We not only reduce the total production cost, but also provide a technology platform to develop soft sweets of higher additional value.