Horizontal spiral centrifuge is a high-speed centrifugal separation equipment,it uses the principle of centrifugal sedimentation to extract needed materials from solid and liquid suspension.
    It can separate solid and liquid for different suspensions, including solid particles diameter more than 3um,solid content less than 35%, liquid-solid proportion difference more than 0.05.
    The separation factor of this equipment is 3720, rotating speed is 5200 turns per minute.
    It has been applied in the solid-liquid separation of olive oil,and can be widely used in the food, pharmaceutical industries to dehydrate, concentrate, classify, separate and clarify for solid-liquid suspension.
Main application:
    1.Starch washing, classification, dehydration;
    2.Dehydration of soybeans and wheat protein;
    3.Dehydration of fish meal and fish;
    4.Vinasse dehydration;
    5. Juice purification, pulp fiber dehydration;
    6.Separation and purification of animal or vegetable oil.