Vertical disc centrifuge is a high-speed centrifugal separation equipment,it uses the principle of centrifugal sedimentation and disc structure to extract needed materials from suspension or emulsion.
    It can be used to separate liquid-liquid-solid (0.5 u m ~ 115 u m) suspension triphase,the separation factor of this equipment is 8020, rotating speed is 6300 turns per minute.
    It has been applied in the oil-water separation of olive oil,and can be widely used in the food, pharmaceutical industries to dehydrate, concentrate, classify, separate and clarify for suspension or emulsion.
Main application:
    1. Separation and extraction of vegetable oil;
    2. Separation and extraction of animal oil;
    3. Concentration of bio-liquid;
    4. Clarification and processing of fermentation liquor;
    5. Concentration of Pharmaceutical liquid;
    6. Cleanliness of fruit wine;
    7. Purification of fruit juice;
    8. Derosination and ablution of milk and whey;
    9. Fluid degumming.